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Sprinklr vs Hootsuite: Compare Features, Pricing, and More

“IKEA is a huge ecosystem, lots of things are happening in lots of places, constantly. And I wanted to connect all the dots and feed those insights back to our teams…“ You already know Hootsuite is the reigning champ when it comes to managing social media. It beats Sprinklr by a mile in terms of scheduling, publishing, and analyzing on social. Hootsuite is the Sprinklr alternative that’s cheaper, easier to use, and packed with more tools to help you reach — and exceed — your goals online. There are also some content formats, such as poll, that I can’t post with the software, something that makes my life pretty hard.

Sprinklr markets mainly to enterprise businesses while Hootsuite is designed for teams of all sizes, needs, and budgets. The Social Listening work flow is great It makes it very easy to monitor and act on untagged mentions across trading strategies for succeeding in cfd market platforms, Its post tagging, reporting, and social listening functions are incredibly powerful. And today, we’re on a journey to un-silo every customer-facing team and unlock the true meaning of exceptional customer experience.

In a single tab, you can craft, schedule, and publish posts for all your social media channels. And as customer-facing teams, markets, and geographies work together, brands benefit from a unified digital edge. That’s powerful, considering that the digital edge is where every touchpoint happens with customers today. It’s where customers experience a brand, ask questions, and give feedback. It’s where all the risk is, along with the greatest sales and growth opportunity.

  1. Sprinklr markets mainly to enterprise businesses while Hootsuite is designed for teams of all sizes, needs, and budgets.
  2. Deliver a positive experience that’s true to your brand — no matter where your customers are digitally.
  3. Hear the real-time voice of your customers and listen to topics of interest across social, digital, and traditional channels — then use AI to enrich that data and surface actionable insights.

That means you and your team can start reaching your goals right away. That’s the software the company I work for chose to use (it’s not my choice). Platform APIs https://www.topforexnews.org/brokers/go-markets-jobs-employment-2021/ do not support some features, such as Instagram story videos. You may have to give up Sprinklr and use native apps in some cases because of this lack of support.

Save money as you scale with affordable pricing

Empower your customer service teams to deliver consistently delightful experiences across every touchpoint. Biggest issue is some of the less intuitive features or questions are not able to be answered by their reps since they are still learning the product. However, their response time is always exceptional and they continue to work on the issue or education until there is a solve. Finally, we were fortunate enough to shell out for the enterprise solution, but it is on the expensive side. More cost effective credentialing significantly impact the features, which is a bummer for teams who can’t afford the top level tiers. Encourage employees to share and affirm your brand positioning with an advocacy site featuring exclusive content and experiences — then measure your program performance and optimize with reporting insights.

Unify your front-office teams, tools and touchpoints with a unified customer experience management platform

Hear the real-time voice of your customers and listen to topics of interest across social, digital, and traditional channels — then use AI to enrich that data and surface actionable insights. Improve cross-platform customer experiences and reduce agent caseloads by letting customers share knowledge in digital communities — which you can customize and quickly moderate, all in a single application. Gain actionable contact center insights, enhance workforce engagement and deliver exceptional CX. Due to these factors, it simply isn’t right for many businesses, even large and well-established ones.

It’s not cheap to use Sprinklr if you’re a big brand that needs to run a lot of listening queries. Customers have the ability to store Sprinklr’s platform data for a rolling 12-, 36-, or 84-months to meet operational or regulatory compliance needs for Account or Listening data. Sprinklr Sandbox offers an isolated test environment that mimics your live production environment, allowing you to practice with precision, create without consequences, and change with confidence.

Campaign attribution and return on investment analysis have been made much easier thanks to the tool’s ease of use for myself and my colleagues. Display transforms data and content into insightful, impactful experiences through an interactive digital signage solution for retail, DooH (digital out-of-home), stadium, broadcast TV, and command centers. Deliver a positive experience that’s true to your brand — no matter where your customers are digitally. Reveal exactly how consumers interact with your brand and act immediately on visual intelligence (including tracking and detecting any misuse of brand logos or likeness) to power more meaningful communication across digital channels. Analyze the performance of posts, engagement of audiences, and key characteristics of content against competitors or other best-in-class brands — including which of your competitors’ messages lead the pack and why.

Increase ROAS against business outcomes and across siloed teams using integrations, AI, and automation that fuel collaboration, unify reporting, and manage brand risk via approval processes, structured roles, and enterprise governance. Increase the ROI of your content with AI-powered integrated insights and reuse; save time by enabling agile marketing with automated workflows; and manage brand risk with enterprise governance. Unlock AI-powered, real-time contact center analytics — and uncover the actionable insights to trigger improvements in proactive customer care and reduce inbound contact volume. Shift customers from IVR to cost-effective digital channels like web chat, SMS, email, and WhatsApp — where conversational AI bots create faster and more reliable experiences. Customized AI models, augmented by generative AI and enriched by five years of annotation, optimization, and feedback built on the back of customer experience data.

Sprinklr Social

There is the RFP process that will occur with the Sprinklr team that will define the terms, licenses, and pricing for your company. These processes can be tricky and time consuming, however, at Saas Advisor, this is our specialty. A unified workspace for front-office teams, providing a true omnichannel customer experience engine with centralized https://www.day-trading.info/what-is-an-iceberg-order-what-are-block-trades/ governance across various markets and business units. Orchestrate on-brand global marketing campaigns across social, digital and traditional channels to drive higher marketing ROI. As they build their product, you can genuinely tell they want to succeed. Reporting is outstanding, and covers off all major needs of an enterprise social team.

What is Sprinklr? How Can You Get The Most Out Of It?

Get a comprehensive view of your campaign performance across 30+ digital channels, including social, web, email, and more. Integrate third-party data to unlock powerful full-funnel insights in a single, consolidated view. Empower Distributed teams (Sales, Location Managers, Field Agents) with a lightweight yet powerful branded experience to engage customers on the digital and social channels they prefer. Reach, engage, and listen to customers across 30+ digital and social channels to maximize engagement and drive revenue. Hootsuite is a market leader in customer care because we allow brands to engage with customers, monitor trends, and sell on social across profiles all in one place. Respond to queries, boost positive reactions, and share items with teammates in a single click.

Capture reviews for content and monitor ratings for additional consumer insights — then integrate Ratings and Reviews at the point of purchase on your website or mobile app to drive even more conversions. Access powerful tools that let you automate contact center workflows and processes, making it easier to solve customer conversations during the first contact. That means it’s not always a realistic option for fledgling businesses or organizations that want to be smart about spending.

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