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юли 21, 2022

Scalping: Definition in Trading, How Strategy Is Used and Example

Not to mention that the majority of trades now take place away from the exchanges, in dark pools that don’t report in real-time. Obviously, this strategy can succeed only […]
октомври 12, 2022

Apple Inc AAPL Stock Price, Quote & News

It comes just weeks after the EU slammed it with a $2 billion fine. The U.S. has filed a lawsuit against Apple with the aim of […]
декември 5, 2022

Sprinklr vs Hootsuite: Compare Features, Pricing, and More

“IKEA is a huge ecosystem, lots of things are happening in lots of places, constantly. And I wanted to connect all the dots and feed those […]
април 10, 2023

What is Implied Volatility? IV Options Explained

After all, you want to minimize your risk and maximize your return as an investor. Understanding what implied volatility is telling you about a stock’s expected […]